Giving Opportunities

Looking for opportunities to support the ministries of Missions of Love, Inc.. Check out all of the opportunities listed below.

Building Fund: The building fund gives us the ability to continually expand and grow our compound to meet the growing need of the mission and clinic in Jolivert. Keeping it up to date, functioning properly, and ensuring the safety of our Haitian staff as well as visitors.

Dental Clinic: The dental clinic provides much needed dental services to the community. The dental clinic performs routine exams and cleanings, as well as basic extractions and fillings.

Disaster Relief: When you give to the disaster relief fund, you are guaranteeing that we have the ability to aid when disaster strikes such as earthquakes and hurricanes. We provide safe water, food, and supplies as needed to help during these times.

Education: Giving to the education fund is key to the future of Haiti. Many children don’t have the opportunity to attend school simply because they can’t afford it. Your gift supports not only primary age children, but also students in trade school and college. The goal is to train people from the local area to promote a thriving population and help the community prosper. Adult literacy classes are also offered, with the goal to set them free from the bondage of illiteracy and have them able to read the Bible for themselves and grow in faith.

Evangelism: When you give to the evangelism fund, your gift helps in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus. With these funds we are able to purchase bibles, song books, support revivals and radio ministries in Haiti.

Eye Clinic: The eye clinic is a ministry dedicated to providing low cost or free eye exams, eye care and eye wear to the people of Haiti. Your donation allows the clinic to operate year round with Haitians trained in the techniques of optometry and optical dispensing.

Feeding Programs: Your gift to the feeding programs gives us an opportunity to provide a monthly supply of rice, beans, and flour to those who don’t know when their next meal will be otherwise.

General Fund: When donating to the general fund, you are ensuring the future and daily functioning of the Mission. The general fund supports the daily operations of MOL. It pays our employees salaries and our monthly expenses to operate. It also ensures the medical clinic runs year round, staffed by Haitian nurses and a Haitian Doctor. Your gift aids in purchasing supplies, medications, upkeep to the generator, and paying our doctors’ salaries.

GO Program: The GO program is a program to help support Grandma’s and Orphans (GO). Your donation here allows us to support households who willingly take on children that are not theirs, and helps prevent these children from becoming a restavek or being placed in an orphanage. It also gives us an opportunity to help older widows who have no family to support them.

Manba: Our manba program utilizes a peanut butter based ready-to-use food product for the treatment of moderate to severe malnutrition in children ages one to five. As part of the program, the family is instructed on personal hygiene, safe food handling, basic nutrition principles and enrolled in the Jolivert Safe Water Program. Your support makes this possible.

Memorial Donations: When we lose someone very dear to us, whether that be one of our very own members, or a close friend and lifelong supporter, they may choose to have memorial donations directed to Missions of Love. These donations have put students through school, fed the hungry, provided safe water, and much more.

Mission Trip Account: These funds support mission trips. Whether you are giving to a specific person, or in general, this gives missionaries the opportunity to go to Haiti, serve the people, and spread the love of Jesus.

Outreach Clinics: Our outreach clinics bring healthcare to children in mountainous and remote villages of the greater Jolivert area, utilizing community chosen health care workers. It also gives the Mission an opportunity to go and share the love of Jesus to those who have not heard His name.