* UPDATE*  As of March 5th – we have reached our financial goal and are in the process of purchasing the generator.  A work team is scheduled to go to Haiti midMarch and oversee the installation of the new generator.  Thank you to all our loyal supporters to responding so quickly to our appeal.


In a report I shared with you nearly two years ago I had appealed to you for help in purchasing a new generator, as our old one had already performed far beyond its usual life expectancy. Well…. Because of more pressing needs at the time, that need was kicked down the road, as we are so often forced to do. The result is: we are now faced with a true emergency: the old one has finally given up the ghost. It threw a rod through the motor block and is now beyond repair, and we are faced with an emergency need of around $10,000 to replace it. Meanwhile, the clinic and all our other operations on the compound at Jolivert are essentially shut down. It is therefore imperative that we approach all our supporters immediately in hopes of scraping up that $10,000 in a few days. To avoid the shipping costs and great delays involved in shipping one down from Miami, We are searching diligently to find one in- country and we can send our truck to pick up, or have it shipped up by bus. There are several companies in the Port-au-Prince area that sell diesel generators in the kilowatt range that we require and Blaud is down there currently seeking prices as I write these words.
I cannot too fervently express the deep gratitude that I and all the other directors at MOL feel toward all of you, both churches and individuals, for your gifting in our cause over the past 30 years. And yet it is with a deep sense of urgency that I now ask you to open your hearts and wallets or purse strings to help us once more through this crisis situation. While we do have a dedicated solar system in our lab to operate the chemistry machine, microscopes and like, we have been delayed in installing an adequate solar grid for the remainder of the compound by shipping and customs boondoggles over which we have no control. This means our fans, computers, electric lights, water pumps, and optical equipment in the eye clinic will remain shut down until a new generator is installed. Thus without electrical power, most of our operations at Jolivert are kaput for now, affecting the lives of hundreds of persons until we’re up and running again.
So we’re asking you to search your hearts, dig deeply, and mail us your gift to the address below immediately or as soon as you possibly can. Thanks and God bless!
Dr. Bob and Betty
15 February, 2014

Walking – by the Grace of God

Does this lady in the above video look familiar? She was in our November Newsletter, shown sitting in a wheelchair.

Jimmy Carter, the physical therapist, had worked with Mdm. Gessner after she had suffered a stroke. Jimmy’s wife was able to give Mdm. Gessner injections in her knees.  They fitted her with a walker before they left last July.  She was up using her walker and now…..just watch the video if you haven’t already!

When you support Missions of Love and mission trips such as Jimmy and his wife, you are the hands and feet of Jesus!!!

Read the July article here.


Pledge Drive for General Fund

When you support Missions of Love you are sewing a seed that continues to multiply. We are starting a pledge drive for our General Fund at Missions of Love!!  We’re good at raising money for special projects, but without the General Fund, we cannot pay our Haitian employees, tuition for students as well as licensees and fees to be a registered NGO in Haiti.

Our current goal is to have 100 people commit to a $25.00 a month pledge for 12 months! That’s only $6.25 a week – .83 cents a day!!!  We can do this!

Please share this with your friends, family and church to see how many pledges we can get by November 5th.

By using this button, you are registering for automatic payments of $25 a month to be paid to Missions of Love for 12 consecutive months via paypal.

$25 A Month for 12 Months

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If you wish to make a one-time donation, please use the DONATE button located at the top right hand corner of the home page. Checks payable to Missions of Love can also be mailed to Missions of Love PO Box 292 Hartford, KY 42347. Please note Pledge Drive on your donation and if it is a one-time donation or a monthly donation.

MOL is a 501c Not For Profit and as such, you will receive a statement for your tax purposes.

We will keep you posted on our progress. Thanks in advance for your support.Thanks and Happy Giving!

-Missions of Love Fundraising Team

Triplets! Needing Support to Thrive

During the monthly MOL Medical Outreach Program in Bernard, this family was discovered to be in dire need.  This family of 13 is under-nourished and they are not using safe drinking water.

The triplets are surviving but they’re not thriving.  MOL will be ensuring that the family is enrolled in our our Safe Water Program and that the mother is put on the Manba Program.  By providing the Manba (fortified peanut butter) to the mother, she can continue to nurse the babies and they will be able to grow and thrive.

triplets1 triplets triplets2


Funds for families like this, come from our General Fund.  Please consider becoming a monthly contributor to Missions of Love or perhaps even making a one time contribution to help feed this family.

Contributions can be mailed to:
Missions of Love
PO Box 292
Hartford, KY 42347

or made via PayPal at this link
Donate Online

  • MOL is a 501 c3 organization and you will be provided a statement for your tax purposes.

Jean and Asa’s Report April 2013

What a busy, lively time we had on this trip! We are thankful for all the dedicated and talented people who were there with us, both staff and short-term missionaries. They certainly had an impact for good on the mission and surrounding area.

The first week, a 16-year-old and her father, whom we have known for years, were with us. Besides helping Charlotte, Keith also made repairs around the compound, something that is always needed, and assisted Asa in doing measurements for the projected surgical building and the surrounding grounds.

Charlotte teaching crafts at the pre-school.

Charlotte teaching crafts at the pre-school.

Charlotte’s purpose was children’s ministry, and she spent most of the daylight hours with the area children, showing God’s love in all she did. She visited Vanessa’s pre-school, and helped them make plastic net and yarn crosses. Continue reading

Mosaic Lexington KY June 2013 Mission Trip

Members of the team: Brandon Embry, Jimmy Carter, Carrie Carter, Susan Davis, Desmond Littles, Alyssa Telang, Phillip Thompson, Ravi Chilukuri.

It’s always difficult to put into words the experience that one has on a trip to Haiti. There are so many ways that God reveals Himself to each and every individual. Most always a short term mission trip is more life changing and life giving for those that go than those that are being served. Our trip was no different. Our Purpose was to be available as God’s servants, His hands and feet, to every Haitian we encountered that week. I pray that seeds were sown and lives were touched in Jolivert as much as Jolivert touched our lives and our hearts.

Each day started with a devotional over coffee and breakfast that Blaud and the ladies so graciously prepared. Susan and Phillip would then go to the hospital where 75 children would receive dental treatment for cavity prevention. A local dentist in Winchester KY kindly donated 300 treatments for us to take with us. These treatments have been shown to reduce dental caries by 55% in the local schools. Continue reading

NEW Project! Agricultural Seed Project

The seed project, detailed below, will be attempted in the following two communities: Biscaille and Marotier. It will utilize 650 packets of seed (seed types are listed below) in our school at Marotier involving 130 students. At Biscaille 250 packets will be utilized by 50 students. In addition, each teacher will receive the same five types of seeds for their own personal gardens which will act as a control garden.

The seeds for the seed project are provided by Child First Meds of Franklin, Texas.

a teacher at Biscaille with sample pkg seed given to each student

a teacher at Biscaille with sample pkg seed given to each student

Each teacher will oversee his/her students and administer the project.
The teacher must keep notes on the progress of each student. Continue reading

Betty’s Trip June 2013

My group included Tiffany Quisenberry, Meghann Phelps, and Nancy Bukovnik who with myself, accompanied Dr. Louissaint Louis XVI who went in to be installed in his role as staff physician at Clinic Jolivert in Haiti. We had a wonderful week working together, and were excited to announce Louissaint’s installation on the clinic staff…a long-awaited event. He graduated from medical school this past May and has now returned to Haiti to work for the next couple of years under the supervision of Haitian doctors from the Ministry of Health. It is extremely gratifying to us that the ministry now considers Clinique Jolivert to be one of the major health clinics in the Artibonite department of the Haitian government. Not only do they send some of their young physicians to serve on our staff Continue reading

A Precious Moment


We made a housecall on Mdm. Gessner.  She’d had a stroke and our goal was to check her blood pressure.  When we arrived she was sitting in her wheelchair with a well-worn Bible on her lap.  I realized that she had been a graduate of the first literacy class begun at MOL in 2007 and had received a Creole Bible.

The man in the photo is a physical therapist who was able to teach her and her family exercises  and he fitted her with a walker.  God provided abundantly!

A few days after this photo was taken, Mdm. Gessner was walking down the mountain with a cane.  Several folks have called it nothing short of a true miracle!!!

~ Nancy Bukovnik